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The Munsters

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Everyone’s favorite family of misfit monsters is back with a pinball machine that is so much fun, it’s scary!  Stern Pinball’s “The Munsters” picks up where the classic hit TV show left off with Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Eddie and Marilyn Munster up to their usual shenanigans, but this time, you’re coming along for the ride. Spell out “SPOT” to have the friendly fire-breathing family pet pop out of the staircase for you to hit with the pinball.  Smash the large Herman Munster toy to activate the ‘Herman Multiball’ and try to knock the ball from the magnet in front of Herman. Clips from the TV show will play on the LCD screen that displays current game score(s), high scores, new Munsters animations from Stern pinball and much more!  Lower mini playfield (on Premium and LE only) features mini flippers, ramps, two balls, a countdown clock and acts as a pinball machine within the machine! Mesmerizing hand-drawn art by Chris Franchi (Batman 66, Guardians of the Galaxy) makes this unit almost as much fun to look at as it is to play.  Interactive game engages pinball fans of all ages and introduces a whole new generation to the fun and humor of The Munsters family and the great American game of pinball.  Order yours today!

Pro Features:

  • 3 Pop Bumpers
  • Left Orbit Spinner
  • Grandpa’s “Trap Door” Scoop
  • Sculpted Herman Torso- Magnetized ball catch
  • Left metal Ramp (flip up panel) with Right Wire Return Ramp
  • Spot Bash Toy Under Coil driven left ramp decorated as staircase
  • Turn-around/Flip Up Ramp
  • Drag-U-La Sculpted Toy
  • Left Shooter Lane Kicker
  • Color Changing LED Mode Lights
  • Hand-Drawn Art by Chris Franchi

Additional Premium Features:

  • Unique Black and White Main Playfield Art
  • Unique Black and White Lower Playfield Art
  • Lower Playfield with miniature Components
    • Mini Flippers (2)
    • Mini Plastic Ramp
    • Mini Wire Ramp
    • Mini Grandpa Machine Toy
    • Mini 2 Ball Trough
  • Lower Playfield Countdown Clock
  • LED Light Signs

By popular demand Stern pinball is now offering The Munsters Premium pinball machine with full color art! So you'll have the same great premium cabinet art graphics but now in full color!