Custom Game Room

Custom Game Room

Building a customized game room or, as we at Just Pinball like to call it, a “chill out room” can literally transform a home or workplace. Creating a cool and exciting space that’s welcoming and relaxed can make all the difference.

And the good news? It doesn’t cost the earth and we take care of everything.

Just Pinball draws on an unparalleled sense of fun and our extensive catalogue to create gaming nirvana with Stern Pinball machines (including Batman, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy), Tornado Foosball machines, Joola Ping Pong, Skee Ball as well as classic arcade cabinets boasting over 600 classic titles.

Let us help you relax, inspire and reinvigorate!

How we do it….

The first step to building the ultimate chill out room is to give us a call to arrange a free, no obligation consultation so we can talk through your requirements and get a feel for the space and who will be using it.

Next, come along to the Just Pinball showroom to see our range or invite us over and we’ll bring a selection of some of our great games. We’re proud to always offer excellent service and support to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.

And that’s why we offer complete flexibility. We’ll never lock you into any game or machine – you can make changes any time you like. We want to ensure your chill out room is always exactly the way you want it.

We don’t just stop at gaming either. We can give the entire space an overhaul – from ambient lighting and wall themes to customized posters, wall murals and refreshment ideas.

What are the benefits?

Where do we start? Perhaps most important is the fact that our custom game rooms are a great investment, often helping save money in the long run by promoting a warm and welcoming environment.

We firmly believe that a happy employee is a productive employee, and that a healthy work-life balance is vital for success. Creating a cool and relaxed area in the office can make all the difference. We work closely with you to plan a fantastic lounge area that encourages interaction and boosts morale – somewhere staff can take a break from a stressful day.

Countless studies suggest that losing a team member is not only hugely disruptive to your business but expensive too. Consider the cost of hiring and training a new employee and the loss in productivity, and it’s clear that it pays to do all you can to keep hold of good staff.

Reports suggest it costs an average of 20% of someone’s annual salary to replace them – but could climb above 200% depending on their skills and position!

For a fraction of that cost, we can help.

Chill-out rooms offer respite for employees, a place to relax, unwind and recover. Remember, a positive vibe and fantastic work culture is infectious and can quickly spread around the business. Your staff won’t just come to work, they’ll want to stay!

Set us a challenge, let us create. We’re so much more than… Just Pinball.

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 617-283-8580 .

Custom Game Room